Using Zoom with IntakeQ

While IntakeQ doesn't have full support for telemedicine or video conferencing, many of our clients use our system with Zoom to allow for our two systems to integrate together. This allows a seamless experience with the video conferencing call information to be shared via IntakeQ's automated email system and appointment reminders, so that the client will receive the URL to access a Zoom call for their booked appointment. To set this up, please do the following:

  1. Set up all of your practitioners that will be performing video conferencing on Zoom, and get their personal meeting ID.
  2. Enable the waiting room feature on Zoom. This will ensure that when a client/patient clicks the link, they are not taken directly to a call, but instead to a staging area where they are able to wait until the practitioner is ready to invite them into the call.
  3. Set up your Automated Emails in IntakeQ to include your Zoom URL and personal meeting ID per practitioner, so that when a client books a telemedicine or other video conference appointment, they receive a custom email that includes your Zoom URL: Automated Emails
  4. (Optional) Schedule an email to go out to the client 1 day prior to their appointment. This email will contain the Zoom public URL and appointment details.
  5. At the time of the appointment, the practitioner will be able to invite the client from their waiting room area to their scheduled call.

By using the personal meeting IDs, there is just one URL for all virtual appointments with a given practitioner, so you are able to create confirmation and reminder emails specific to each practitioner (with each of your Zoom personal meeting IDs) that automatically go out when a client schedules a virtual visit. No extra work sending out extra emails.

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