Adding Your Booking Widget to Your Website

The IntakeQ booking widget was developed to be embedded directly into your website. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Configure your IntakeQ booking settings: Before adding your widget to a website, you need to set up your hours, locations, services and other preferences. This article describes the configuration process in more details: How to Setup Online Booking and Payment
  2. Copy your widget code: Go to the "Widget" tab in your IntakeQ "Booking Settings" page and copy the widget code, as shown in the image below:

  3. Paste your widget code on your website. Paste the widget code into your website's HTML code. If you're using a website building tool, be sure you don't paste this code in as plain text, you'll need to switch to that builders HTML code view.

Squarespace Troubleshooting

In case your booking widget is not loading, it's possible that you have Ajax Loading enabled in your Squarespace website. Ajax Loading doesn't play nice with custom widgets like ours. In order to fix this, please disable Ajax Loading as explained in this Squarespace article:

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