AI Note Assistant - Answer Rewrites

This feature is currently in beta.

practiceQ has the ability to utilize some AI capabilities to assist you when reviewing and taking visit notes. These are meant to save you time when completing these workflows. 

Note Answer Rewrite

The Note Assistant can rewrite your answer in various different formats depending on what you are trying to achieve.

  1. From a Client Note, you can type your answer in the the answer field and have the assistant rewrite your note in various formats
    1. The current formats are as follows
      1. Rephrase it
      2. Make it more professional
      3. Shorten it
      4. Make it more coherent
      5. Make it more descriptive
      6. Simplify with bullet points
      7. Have a format idea? Email to submit it. Please use the subject line: "AI Ideas". 

The "Note Assistant" button will allow you to rewrite your typed answer:

Here is a short demo of the rewrite below:

Note Summaries

The Note Assistant will also summarize a Note with just a couple clicks.

1. From a note, click the "More" menu and then "Summarize" to view a summary of the note created by the assistant

2. The Note Assistant will display the summary and give you an option to rewrite it.

3. Clicking "Use It" will add the summary to the top of the note 4. The note summary would display at the top of the note.
5. Here is a short demo of the workflow:

Form Summaries

Form summaries work the same way as a note summary. From a Form, click the "More" button and then the "Summarize" menu option.

The form answers will be summarized:

By clicking "Use It", the summary would display at the top of the form:

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