IntakeQ & PracticeQ Support Documentation


Check out all of the great updates to the software!

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Consent Forms

Create custom consent forms and add them to your intake packets!

30 articles

Getting Started

In-depth guides to help you get set up and seeing clients!

41 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about IntakeQ and PracticeQ's features and functions.

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Our third-party integrations and how to manage them.

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Capture clients info via our fully customizable questionnaires.

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Treatment Notes

Document your sessions with our fully customizable treatment notes.

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Appointment Management

Appointment reminders, booking widget, calendar sync & more.

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Invoicing & Billing

Invoices, payments, superbills, claims, and more!

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Team Managment

Guides to help you manage your team, set user permissions and manage pay periods.

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Secure Client Portal

Use the secure portal to send messages, files, and more to your clients.

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Articles about the Telehealth options available in PracticeQ.

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Guides to help you manage your client list, their profiles and tx timeline.

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Guides to help you connect to clearinghouses and submit claims through PQ.

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Order labs and get the results right into the client's profile.

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Detailed articles to help you get verified and prescribing quickly.

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Product Inventory

Add your products to track sales, inventory counts and lot numbers.

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Account & Subscriptions

Account management, adding team members and subscription information.

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GET your data and utilize IQ features via our API's

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