Subscription Plan Limits

There are varying limits on our subscription plans, depending on what you sign up for and how many practitioners you have.

You can read more on our pricing here:

Standard Plans

Our standard plans, both Forms Only and Practice Management, give you 300 form submissions a month, per practitioner. This means that if you have 3 practitioners, you'd get a total of 900 form submissions per month. This is a soft limit, we will contact you if we notice you going over the limits on a consistent basis, asking to upgrade your account.

Low Volume Plans

These plans come with limits on form submissions and appointment booking.

Forms Only: 10 form submissions per 30-day period per practitioner.
Practice Management: 25 form submissions and 25 scheduled appointments per 30-day period per practitioner.

If you go over these limits, you'll receive a message in the system, prompting you to upgrade if you plan to continue to use the system at the volume you are.

SMS Overage Fees

You can incur overage fees for using SMS, please see the following article on the specifics of those limits: SMS Pricing and Limits

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