Archiving Clients

You can archive clients to prevent them from showing up when searching for clients in the quick search bar. Archiving a client will also prevent them from receiving automated emails. This is very useful for when you are no longer seeing a client but want to keep a record of their files and information. To archive a client, follow these steps:

  1. Find the client by using the quick search icon or by browsing clients under "List > Clients".
  2. By the client's name, click the blue "Open" button.
  3. On the top right of the client information page, click the "..." circle icon and select "Archive Client".
  4. A text box will ask if you want to archive this client and all saved intakes. Click "Yes".

This client will no longer appear when searching for clients normally. You can only view this client and their information by navigating to "List > Clients" and finding them there, when the "Status" filter is set to either:  Archived or All.

If you no longer want this client to be archived, find the client timeline.  At the top of the page will be a banner, click this to unarchive the client:

Archiving a client will automatically archive their intake forms as well.

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