Signature Adoption Feature

This feature is useful for when you have several documents that require a client's signature and you want to improve their experience.

When a client enters the first e-signature in your intake packet, they will be asked if they want to adopt that signature for the remainder of the intake. If they choose to adopt it, all other places that require a signature will be e-signed with a single click.

This is quite convenient for intakes that require several signatures and it still meets the requirements of the ESIGN Act.

Enabling the Signature Adoption Feature

To make sure this feature is enabled in your account, navigate to "More > Settings", then click on the "Settings" tab and check the box that says "Enable Signature Adoption".

Staff Signature Adoption

If you also sign documents regularly on IntakeQ, you can adopt a signature too. Just head over to your Account page at "More > Account" and use the "Adopted Signature" section to create your own signature. Once that is done, you will be able to sign off documents with a single click.

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