Sync with Google Calendar

Connecting IntakeQ to your Google Calendar offers two great benefits:

  1. Every IntakeQ appointment will be automatically created in your Google Calendar.
  2. The booking widget will take your Google Calendar events into account to determine your availability.

To give IntakeQ permission to access your calendar, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Sync" and click on the button "Connect with Google Calendar".

Google may ask you to authenticate and give access to your calendar. Once permission is granted, you should be redirected back to IntakeQ and see a success message, as well as various options that come along with the integration.

You'll notice in the above image that you can select to read from multiple Google Calendars as needed (these all have to be contained within the same Google account). You can only export appointments to a single calendar.

Force IntakeQ to Re-sync with Google Calendar

If for some reason your IntakeQ account got disconnected from Google Calendar, your IntakeQ appointments that were created while the connection was not active will not show up in your Google Calendar. The solution is to force the calendars to re-sync.

In order to re-sync with Google Calendar, simply click on "Resync with Google Calendar" which is among the Google Calendar options.

When Google Events Should Block Time in IntakeQ

IntakeQ will take your Google Calendar events into account in order to determine your availability. However, it will only see you as unavailable if your Google Calendar event is set to "Busy", which is the default setting in Google Calendar. The "Busy" field can be changed in your Google Calendar or in your IntakeQ calendar.

To change the "Busy" field in Google Calendar, open the event and select an option as indicated in the screenshot below.

This field can also be edited inside IntakeQ. Just click on the Google event in your IntakeQ calendar and check or uncheck the box indicated in the image below.

NOTE: The note field in the create appointment dialog will NOT export to the Google Calendar.

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