What is a Form Submission?

When looking to sign up for a new account with IntakeQ, you are provided with a monthly quota of Form submissions. A form submission is registered by the system any time you send an Intake Questionnaire, Consent Form, or Intake Package to a client. Once the client has finished filling out the form, they will click the "Submit" button and mark the form as completed by the system, and one Form Submission will be counted against your Monthly Total. This applies to forms sent directly to a client manually or automatically when an appointment is booked online, or when a client fills out a form on your website.

An Intake Package is when you combine consent forms with an Intake Questionnaire and a client fills out the "Package of Forms" together. When a client fills out and submits the Package, no matter how many consent forms are attached to the questionnaire, the system counts the total package as one submission. Click here to learn how to combine consent form with an Intake Questionnaire to create a package.

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