Managing Client Portal Notifications

When using the secure client portal, you will receive app notifications and email notifications by default.

App Notifications will show up when you have IntakeQ open in your browser.

Email Notifications are sent once per client, so if a client sends you five messages in a row, you will receive only one email notification a few minutes after the first message is sent. If you happen to have IntakeQ open and read the message right away, the notification will not be sent.

Outgoing Messages refers to when your staff members post a message to a client that you have access to.  If the check box is unchecked, you will be notified when anyone (client or other staff members) posts messages that you haven't viewed.

To manage your in-app or email notifications, open the client portal by clicking on the speech bubble icon on the top menu and then click on "Settings", located on the top right corner of the page. The first tab, "Notifications", will give you the notification options seen below:

This article covered the notifications on the admin/practitioner side. Your clients will be able to manage their own notifications through the client portal.

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