Missed Appointments

IntakeQ allows you to keep track of client no-shows by marking appointments as "Missed".

To change an appointment status to "Missed", just open the appointment dialog, click on "More" and then on "Mark as Missed" (see image below).

You can keep track of missed appointments in your reports, appointment analytics and exports.

Marking an appointment as missed stops the automatic charge from occurring (if you have that enabled). You can still charge the client manually as needed.

Sending an Email When an Appointment Is Missed

IntakeQ allows you to create a default email template that is sent to the client when the appointment is marked as missed. In order to create the "Missed Appointment Email Template", follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Emails".
  2. Click on "Add Email" and choose "Customize the Appointment Missed email template".
  3. Give a name to the email template, and select which services, locations and practitioners this email will apply to.
  4. Compose the email subject and body.
  5. Once you are finished, make sure to check the "Is Active" box and click on "Save".

Now that the email template is created, next time you mark an appointment as missed, the system will ask you to confirm if the email should be triggered, just in case don't want to trigger the email for a particular client.

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