Customizing Form Reminders

IntakeQ allows you to set up an automated reminder that is sent your clients when they don't submit a form after a certain period of time has passed. The form reminder can also be programmed to be sent a few days before a client's appointment date.

For a greater degree of customization, you can also change the default form reminder email template. Here is how to set this up:

  1. Navigate to "More > Settings > Emails".
  2. Click on "..." to reveal additional settings, show below.

  3. Choose when to send the form reminder. You can specify a number of days after the form has been created, or a number of days before the appointment. Note that the second option only works if an appointment date has been informed when sending the form.

  4. To customize the contents of the form reminder email, check the "Customize Form Reminder Email", and change the subject line and email body.

You can also customize the SMS reminder message, which is used when a form is originally sent via SMS. You can find the SMS message templates under "More > Settings > SMS".

Per-Form Customization

You can customize the form reminder on a per-form basis as well. To do this open up a form template in the editor, click the three dots in the blue bar, then go to "Settings". On the settings screen go to the "Other Emails" tab, and you'll see the option for setting a form reminder for just this specific intake questionnaire. When enabled, this will override the default form reminder.

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