Restricting Access Using IP Address

This security feature allows you to limit access to your IntakeQ account to a predefined list of IP addresses. This setting is global to the entire organization, so once enabled, it will apply to all practitioners and assistants (admins can bypass it, see further down in the article for this option).

To set it up, navigate to "More > Team > Security Policy" and scroll down to find the "IP Restrictions" section.

Notice that, in each entry, you can specify a range of IP addresses. If you want to white-list a single IP in an entry, just enter it in both Start and End IP.

For Administrators

If you're an account administrator you may want the ability to access the system from anywhere, but still limit other team members to specific IP addresses. In this case you can enable the option to ignore the IP restrictions for the admin role.

IP Restriction for API Access

If you have API access enabled, you can limit API access to your account based on IP addresses as well. 

To set it up, navigate to  "More > Team > Security Policy" and scroll down to find the "API IP Restrictions" section. 

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