Upfront Deposits for Appointments

Requiring Upfront Deposits for Appointments and Packages

If you'd like your clients or patients to pay an upfront deposit for an appointment or package, IntakeQ allows you to set this up very easily. To do this, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings", and click the "Service" tab. Next, click "Edit" next to the Service / Package you wish to add the deposit to and click the "Overrides" tab.

Under the "Require Credit Card?" dropdown menu select "Require a deposit".

A new line will appear, and you can enter the dollar amount or percentage of the service fee you wish the deposit to be. When you are finished, click "Save" to save the changes.

When the client is booking that service/package, they will be presented with a credit card form, where they can pay for the upfront deposit before the process is confirmed. The deposit is charged immediately and the credit card is stored on file. Depending on your auto-charge settings, the remaining balance can be charged on the day of the appointment.

When a client books an appointment with an upfront deposit, IntakeQ will generate an invoice for the total amount of the appointment and record the deposit as a partial payment; leaving the remaining balance as the amount due.

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