How Can Clients Manage Their Appointments?

IntakeQ gives your clients the ability to manage appointments they schedule with you (this feature can be disabled). Here is how they would go about performing tasks such as rescheduling or cancelling an appointment, or even booking a new one.

Rescheduling an Appointment

To reschedule an appointment, a client can do so by opening the appointment email that was sent to them.

To change the appointment date and time, the client can click "Click here" to manage your appointments. This will guide your client to the Booking Login page where they enter their email address.

After they enter their email address, the client will be prompted that an access code has been emailed to them. When they receive the access code email, they simply need to enter it into the access code field and click "Login".

After the client enters the access code they will see a list of all their scheduled appointments. To the right of the status column is the "Reschedule" option (shown below).

When the client clicks "Reschedule", the appointment calendar with the available time slots for that service will appear. This gives the client the ability to select the date and time they wish to reschedule the appointment to.

When the client has finished choosing the date and time, they will receive a confirmation of your new appointment. Simply click "Reschedule Appointment", and the new appointment will be saved. The practitioner will receive an email to approve the appointment change. Once approved, the appointment will be rescheduled.

Cancelling an Appointment

To cancel an appointment, the steps are very similar to the rescheduling process. After the client enters their access code and is at the list of scheduled appointments, on the far right is the "Cancel" option.

When the client clicks "Cancel" they will be shown the cancellation confirmation page. Here, they can enter a reason for the cancellation to be passed on to the practitioner. The cancellation policy of the service will be shown, and if there are any penalties for cancelling they will be displayed as well. When they client is finished entering the reason for cancellation, they need to click "Yes, cancel this appointment" to finalize the cancellation.

Scheduling Additional Package Appointments

If a client signed up for an appointment package but doesn't schedule all appointments that are part of the package, they can schedule the remaining appointments online.

To do this, they will open the email they received after booking the package appointments and click "Click here" to manage the appointments. Then they will enter their email address and access code to gain access to the list of appointments in the package.

When the client gains access to their list of appointments, they'll see the appointments that have yet to be scheduled are listed below the scheduled appointments.

If they click "Schedule", they will see a calendar and all the available time slots for that service on that day. Once they've selected the appointment date and time, they'll enter their name and email address, and then click "Continue" to confirm the appointment.

If the client wants to book the remaining appointments, they can click "Book another appointment".

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