Manual Invoice Payments

This article describes how you and your staff can process invoice payments, either by charging a credit card through our supported payment providers, or by registering a payment that occurred outside of IntakeQ.

The first thing we need is an invoice that has been issued and is unpaid or past due (in case you don't know how to get here, this article will give you a good introduction to invoices).

When you open an unpaid invoice, click on the Enter Payment button at the bottom:

Next, the system will show you the Payment dialog and give you the option to process the payment using a payment provider, or to register a payment that happened outside of IntakeQ.

Notice that if a client already has a card on file, you can simply select the card and confirm the amount. If the client doesn't have a card on file yet, you can enter one here.

In case the client has paid with cash, check, or other means outside of IntakeQ, you should click on the "Record Payment" tab, choose the payment method and confirm the amount.

If the amount paid is greater than the amount due, the invoice status will automatically change to Paid, and depending on your settings, a receipt will be sent to the client.

Notice in the image above that the payment is listed under the "Payments" section. The system allows you to remove a registered payment or, if the payment was processed via our supported payment providers, refund the payment. If you need to edit an invoice already set as paid, you will first need to remove or refund the payment.

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