Setting Up Recurring Payments

IntakeQ allows you to set up recurring payment plans that will charge client credit cards on predetermined intervals. Recurring Payments are also referred to as subscriptions or memberships.

Please note that Recurring Payments rely on the new Invoicing Module. Accounts created before 2018 may not have this module enabled yet. Please contact us if the invoicing module is not enabled in your account.

Setting Up a Plan

Before you can add a client to a recurring payment plan you must create a generic plan template. To create your plans, navigate to "Lists > Recurring Payments > Recurring Payment Settings".

In the "Payment Plans" tab, click on "Add New Plan" and the following dialog will show up:

The fields are self-explanatory, give the plan a name, select a payment frequency, number of periods, and the amount that should be charged on each cycle.

Notice that clicking on "Add custom price for interval 1" will allow you to have a different price for the first period. Once you do that, the system will allow you to set a custom price for period 2 and so on, giving you the ability to have a different amount for each period.

In the example above, the system will charge $50 for the first month and $100 for all subsequent months.

Dealing with Failed Payments

If you work with recurring payments, you will most likely experience failed payment attempts once in a while. Credit cards expire, clients get issued new cards, banks change their security policies, etc. IntakeQ allows you to deal with fail charges in a personalized way.

To configure the way IntakeQ handles failed payment attempts, open the "Failed Charges" tab. The image below shows a typical configuration that will send an email to the client notifying them of the failed payment and give them a chance to update their billing info by including a payable invoice in the email. Note that the email can be customized to use your own language.

If all the attempts fail, the recurring payment plan will be automatically canceled.

Manually Adding a Client to a Payment Plan

Once your plans have been created, you can easily add clients to a plan. To do so, head to a client's profile page, open the "Plans" tab, and click on "Add Payment Plan". In the following dialog, select a plan, a practitioner and click on "Continue":

The following screen will show you the payment plan settings and ask for the plan Start Date. Note that you can click on "Customize" in case you need to change any of the plan parameters, allowing you to create a personalized plan for the client.

If the plan Start Date is set to today, IntakeQ will make the first charge a few minutes after the plan has been created.

At anytime, you can click on a recurring payment plan and IntakeQ will show you an overview of the plan, which includes the plan parameters, events related to the plan, a list of associated invoices, the date of the next billing, etc.

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