SRFax Integration

Connecting your IntakeQ account with SRFax allows you to easily fax IntakeQ documents and import incoming faxes to client profiles.

SRFax is an online fax provider that allows you to send and receive faxes from your own fax number. You can see their plans here:

Connecting IntakeQ to SRFax

In order to connect IntakeQ to SRFax, you first need to sign up for an SRFax trial account. Once your SRFax account has been set up, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your IntakeQ account.
  2. Navigate to "More > Settings > Integrations" and click on the SRFax logo.
  3. You will be asked to enter the following SRFax account details:
    1. SRFax Account Number: This number can be found at the top left part of your SRFax page, right under their logo.
    2. SRFax Fax Number: This is the fax number you obtained from SRFax. It can be found under Account > Summary.
    3. SRFax Email: This is the email you use to log in to your SRFax account.
    4. SRFax Password: This is the password you use to log in to your SRFax account.
  4. Click on "Connect to SRFax".

Once the connection has been authorized, you you will be able to fax any IntakeQ document (form/notes/attachments) via SRFax. You will also gain access to a new page under "Lists > Faxes" (make sure to refresh the page in case you don't see it right away).

Faxing a Document

To fax a document from IntakeQ, just open the form (or treatment note) and find the "Fax" button option. Clicking on this button will open the screen below:

  • For questionnaires, open the form, and in the options located at the top right of the form, click on "... > More > Send Fax".
  • For consent forms, open the form, and at the top right click on "Fax this form".
  • For notes, go to the "Clients" tab, type the name of the client, select the note you want to fax from the left side of the screen, then click "More > Fax" from the top right.

Faxing Attachments

IntakeQ also allows you to fax PDF or image files that have been attached to a form or a note. In order to fax an attached file, open the form or note which the file has been attached to, and click on the fax icon.

This will open a preview of the file and allow you to fax it just like any regular IntakeQ document. Note that in treatment notes, the note will need to be locked for the fax icon to show up.

Incoming Faxes

With SRFax, you will have your unique fax number, enabling you to receive faxes as well. While your incoming faxes can be seen in your SRFax account, IntakeQ allows you to view your fax inbox and attach faxes to client profiles.

To view your fax inbox, navigate to "Lists > Faxes".

As you can see in the image above, IntakeQ shows a list of the faxes you have recently received. Clicking on the "Assign" button allows you to add that fax to a client profile (see image below).

The fax will be added as a PDF attachment to a note. You can choose to create a new note just for the fax, or you can add the fax to an existing note.

Keeping Track of Faxed Documents

To see the faxes that have been sent, navigate to "Lists > Faxes" and open the "Sent" tab. Here you will be able to see faxes along with their status, the name of the faxed document and the client associated with it.

HIPAA Considerations

SRFax does not fall into our Business Associate Agreement, so to comply with HIPAA, you should obtain a separate BAA from SRFax. As of this writing, SRFax offers a BAA under their Healthcare Plans:

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