Generating a Superbill for Multiple Invoices

IntakeQ's superbill functionality allows you to generate a single superbill from multiple invoices. Below is the easiest way to generate a superbill using multiple invoices:

  1. Navigate to "Lists > Clients" and select the client you want to generate a superbill for.
  2. On the client timeline go to the "Invoices" tab and you will see a button labelled "Superbill", click this (shown below).

  3. You will then be prompted to select a date range, which will pull all invoices from the time period you set when you click "Continue".
  4. You are able to add multiple procedure codes to each invoice as needed by clicking the "Add New Procedure" link under the appropriate invoice. You can also remove individual invoices from the superbill by clicking the "X" in the upper right of each invoice in the list. You can also add the necessary diagnosis codes, either by selecting ones already applied to that client, or by clicking the "add diagnosis code" link. Lastly, you'll set the place of service by selecting an option from the dropdown menu.

  5. You can then choose to print the superbill or send it to a client via the two buttons at the bottom.

For more information and other options for generating a superbill, see our full guide: How to Create Superbills

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