Credit Balance: Managing Payment Credit for Your Clients

Are you looking to apply a payment credit to a client's account or recurring payment plan? The IntakeQ invoicing system allows you to apply a credit to a client's account, which would be used before any charge is applied to their credit card.

To apply payment credit to a client, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Lists > Clients" and select a client from the list.
  2. You're now on the client profile, go to the "Invoices" tab.
  3. Click on the text that says "Credit Balance" (as shown below).

  4. You'll see a screen with the history of any credit adjustments for this client, click "Add" to add a new credit adjustment. You can add positive or negative values to adjust the credit balance as needed.

Once you've added credit to a client's account, any future automated charges, including those from a payment plan, will use this credit before charging any amount to the client's credit card. For example, you can add a credit to a client's account that amounts to one free session in their payment plan, and when the system goes to bill them on their normal billing cycle it will use that credit balance as opposed to charging the client's credit card.

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