How to View Your Appointment Analytics

practiceQ has built-in analytics for your appointments so you can analyze various pieces of data such as your busiest day, total appointments, total revenue, etc.

Please note that only invoice items directly tied to an appointment show in this report. Custom invoice line items, products, and insurance payments do not. The Income Report shows all of those items.

To access these analytics, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Reports > Appointments".
  2. Adjust the settings as needed by clicking on the cog wheel in the upper right bar (see below for more info).
  3. Set the date range by clicking on the date in the upper right bar.

You will now be presented with the analytics for the appointments you've had with your clients.

Analytics Settings

Clicking on the cogwheel presents a few different settings that controls what the report shows data based on.

Revenue Amounts:

  • Based on payments only: This option shows all revenue based on actual payments you received (either processed or manually tracked via invoices). If an appointment is not fully paid, only the amount paid will be shown in the report.
  • Based on appointment price: This option shows revenue based on the price set for each appointment, it doesn't take invoice payments into account so it may show higher amounts than you actually received in payments from clients.

Date Type:

  • Appointment Date: This option causes the report to display dates of appointments based on the actual date scheduled.
  • Booking Date: This option causes the report to display dates of appointments based on when they were scheduled, not the appointment date itself.

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