Accepting Gratuity Payments

Some practices have clients who like to add a gratuity (tip) to their payment. The IntakeQ invoicing system has an option to allow clients to add a bonus/tip on top of the required fee.

The steps below explain how to enable gratuity payments:

  1. Navigate to "Lists > Invoices" and click the "Invoice Settings" button in the top right corner.
  2. Go to the "Defaults" tab and check off the box next to "Allow Tips".
  3. Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom.

Note that this same checkbox is available on individual invoices, in the invoice editing mode (under options), so if you need to only allow certain clients to give tips, this is a possibility.

Enabling this setting will add a field for gratuity to invoices that both your clients and office staff will be able to use if needed. You'll have the ability to easily add gratuity in the following areas across the system:

  • When manually processing client payments in the back-end.
  • When clients are paying for an appointment online at the time of booking.
  • When your clients are paying for an invoice that was manually sent to them (or accessed through the secure client portal).
  • When processing a payment through our Square reader integration.

NOTE: When you enable the tip setting, only invoices created from that point on will be able to have gratuity added. It doesn't impact already created invoices.

Below is an example of the tip field added to an invoice in the back-end, which is what your office staff will see when processing a payment.

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