Form URL Parameters

IntakeQ offers a very simple way to pass a client's name and email address into the opening questions of our public form URLs. This is a useful feature if you are integration IntakeQ forms as part of an automated flow, where you already have the client's name and email address.

Below you'll see the normal unfilled version of what a client would see upon access a public form URL. In this case the form URL used was our test form:

To have the two boxes pre-filled with data, you can add URL parameters to the address.

Example of URL Parameters Only:

Example of Full URL with Parameters Added:

Below shows the end result of adding the URL parameters noted above, with both boxes pre-filled with the data we added. The URL parameters are simply added onto the end up the public URL, the "?" symbol starts this addition as you can see in the URL sample above.

Note: If you wish to add a space between the names, use %20 (in place of the space) to not break the URL. It's best to avoid other special characters as they can break the URL as well.

Enable Auto-Login

Another useful feature for third-party developers is to completely skip the form login page and start the form right away. This can be done by passing the name and email as described above, and adding the parameter  auto=true to the query string. 

In the example above, the URL parameters would look like this:

In case your account is set to accept phone numbers as well, you can pass a phone number in the email parameter, so the query string would look like this:

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