Price Schedule: Setting Custom Rates per Client

This feature allows users to set custom rates for different clients. These rates can be set as a fixed amount or as discounts. Users who are issuing superbills or creating claims, should prefer using the discount, as this would keep their default rates unchanged in the superbill.

Once a client is added to a price schedule, the system will use the price/discount in any of these scenarios:

  • When a new appointment is booked manually in the calendar.
  • When the client books an appointment while they are logged into the portal.
  • When the client books an appointment while they are logged in the management area of the booking widget.
  • The client books an appointment in the booking widget using the same name and email as in their client record.

Changes to custom prices do not apply retroactively. Appointments already scheduled need to be manually adjusted.

The system will not use the price schedule if the client books an appointment using a different name/email in the booking widget, as that would cause a new client record to be created.

The following screenshots show how to use the price schedule feature. You can find this setting by navigating to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Services".

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