Practitioner Placeholders in Invoices

Invoices generated within IntakeQ contain specific information that is pre-set. Some of this, such as your business name, logo, etc. can be easily setup to display on invoices. We also allow for additional practitioner information to be displayed on invoices, using placeholder codes that are tied to specific pieces of information set on a practitioner account profile.

Adding Practitioner Placeholders

To add additional practitioner information (as well as other custom text) to your invoices, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Lists > Invoices" and click on "Invoice Settings" in the top right corner.
  2. On the "Template" tab (where you're taken initially) scroll down to the "Customization" section.
  3. Here you'll find two boxes that allow you to add additional information to invoices, one for the PDF printout and the other for the client view. This information can be simple text, or various placeholders that will add in specific practitioner information. Below you'll see an example of adding text and a placeholder.

List of Invoice Placeholders

The following are the placeholders available that you can use:

  • [PractitionerFirstName]
  • [PractitionerLastName]
  • [PractitionerName]
  • [PractitionerNPI]
  • [PractitionerTaxId]
  • [PractitionerAddress]
  • [PractitionerStreetAddress]
  • [PractitionerCity]
  • [PractitionerState]
  • [PractitionerPostalCode]
  • [PractitionerLicenses]
  • [PractitionerTaxonomy]
  • [PractitionerEmail]
  • [PractitionerPhone]

The information tied to these placeholders is setup on each practitioner account that's added to your team. The practitioner can navigate to "More > Account" to setup this information.

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