Exporting Invoices to CSV

If you're using IntakeQ's invoicing system, you are able to perform various CSV exports to get a spreadsheet of specific invoice data, such as line items and payments.

To generate these exports, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Lists > Invoices".
  2. Use the search filters at the top to set things such as the date range, status, invoice number, etc.
  3. Click "Search" when you have the filters setup to get the list to show the results you'd like to export.
  4. Now click "Export to CSV" and select one of the three different export types.

Here is an explanation of what each option exports to a CSV file:

  • Export Invoices: This export will contain essentially all invoice information, one invoice per line of the file.
  • Export Line Items: This export will contain all of the invoice line items in separate rows of the file.
  • Export Payments: This export will contain all payments you have processed or manually tracked on invoices, one payment per row of the file.

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