How to Save Completed Questionnaires/Notes as a PDF

IntakeQ allows you to easily export all client records to PDF if needed, but you can also easily download the PDF of a single submitted form or note for a client.

To do this, the first step would be to open the form or note you want to generate the PDF for. This can be done from many different locations in the system, if you know which client it pertains to you can access them from "Lists > Clients", or by typing their name into the main menu search bar. All of their forms and notes shown on their timeline, click one to open it and follow the steps below depending on which type of form you're trying to download the PDF for.

For Intake Questionnaires

With the intake form open, you'll see a button on the right labelled "Print Intake", click this to open up the PDF version of that form (this doesn't include any attached consent forms).

For Consent Forms

Consent forms will always come attached to an intake questionnaire. With the intake form open, at the top you'll see a link to the consent forms, clicking them will scroll the screen down to show the consent forms and there is a button beside each of those labelled "Print". This will open the PDF version of the consent form only.

For Treatment Notes

With the note open, you'll see a grey "Print" button on the right hand side, click this to open the PDF version of that note.

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