How to Change the Account Administrator

When you first signup for IntakeQ you're creating the initial administrator account, which is the individual who technically owns the account and has access to control the entire team of assistants and practitioners. Sometimes you may wish to change who this main account owner/administrator is, which can be done within the system by the current administrator.

The steps below outline how the administrator can change account ownership to a different individual:

  1. While logged in as the administrator, navigate to "More > Account".
  2. Here a new name can be set for the account.

  3. To change the email associated with the admin account, look for the "Account Credentials" section and you'll see a link labelled "Change Email". Click this link to get the following prompt that will allow you to change the admin account email.

  4. Once this information has been adjusted, the new login email for the admin account will be the email address that it was changed to. The new administrator may want to change their password, we suggest using our password recovery page to do this:

Note: The owner/administrator is the individual who has legal rights to the entire account and is in control of the subscription plan.

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