Advanced Form Creation

IntakeQ forms are fully customizable and allow for various possible setups and use cases within the system. 

Below are some of the more advanced form set ups using features such as mapped fields and pinned notes to populate data from one form to another (as well as pre-filling a questionnaire form/consent form via a treatment note), office use only questions, rules to setup adaptable forms that can be easily preconfigured before they're sent to the client without having to edit the form template, and many more.

1. Using Mapped Fields and Pinned Notes to Prefill Information on Questionnaire and Consent Forms

A common use case for many of our clients includes wanting to enter information into a form BEFORE sending it to a client. While it's possible to have a practitioner/assistant enter information into a questionnaire form in office use only fields after a client has submitted a form, in order to populate information to a form before sending it to a client, you'll want to use mapped fields and pinned notes. This works by first creating the questionnaire/consent form and then creating the treatment note. It's advised to use mapped fields, where possible, as they are more flexible then pinned notes, and Pinned notes do not work with Consent forms. 

To set this up using Mapped Fields:

  1. Create a treatment note and add questions that relate to the information you want to Prefill on the Questionnaire/Consent form.
  2. Save the note template and close it, then click on "Lists > Clients > (click open on any client) > ... > Profile Settings".  Add new mapped fields here (setting the type and adding a field title). Click "Save" and choose "Yes" to create these fields on the timeline of all clients.
  3. Open the treatment note again and manually map the fields to the questions you've created. Click "Save".
  4. Open the original questionnaire or consent form and set the mapped fields the same as on the treatment note. Save the changes to the form.

Now, the treatment note is set to export the mapped fields from the note when it's been filled out and locked on the client timeline. This will store the information and automatically populate these fields to the Questionnaire/Consent form when it's sent to the client.

Please note the following:

  1. Any fields that were left blank on the treatment note will be blank on the questionnaire/consent form (the system will have no information to pre-fill the form for that specific question).
  2. The form must be sent to the client's email address or, if using a public URL, email verification MUST be enabled or they MUST be filling out the form on a device in your office with secure office device authentication enabled. Automatic population of data on the form requires one of these to be true.
  3. The information you entered into the note on the client's timeline will ONLY populate to that client when filling out a form. No other client will see the information, as the information that the system is using to pre-fill the form is being pulled from that client's timeline.

To test that everything is set up correctly, do the follow:

  1. Click on "Lists > Clients" and create a new client. Use any desired name but add you email address for the client (so that you can receive and the test the form in step 3).
  2. Add the treatment note to the client's timeline, fill it out, and then save and Lock the note. The system will pull the information from the fields and store it on the client's timeline.
  3. Send the questionnaire/consent form to the client's email address. You will then be able to log into your email address and open the form as the client would, and all the information that was entered into the note should have pre-filled.

2. Using Mapped Fields to Display Information on a Consent Form

A common use case is wanting to send information to a client that they can view, respond to, and sign off on. Using Mapped fields in a treatment note and Mapped Labels in a consent form allow you to enter custom information that the client can then view on the consent form without the ability to edit the information, as the Mapped label field is designed to display mapped information only. To set this up, first follow the above guide to set up the treatment note and the consent forms, however, for any information you want to populate to the form, use the "Add Field > Mapped Label", and set the mapping.

Clients will be able to receive the form, and still enter information in any of the text fields, however, the mapped labels will be used to display custom information from the practitioner/assistant. Common uses of this is if you want to have a Release of Information consent form, and you need to enter some basic information on the form before sending it to the client to enter their practitioner name (such as documenting which records you wish to request), basically any situation where the information needs to be entered before the client has access to fill out the form, and you want to make sure that the client is unable to change the information.

3. Office Use Only and Rules

The above explains how fill out a form before sending it to a client, however, there are cases where you may wish to order labs for the client, or request supplements/vitamins for the client, and wish for them to review, approve/decline the suggestions and sign off on the form. This can be set up by mapping the form, as mentioned above, however, in this case, we're going to be using Pinned notes to allow check boxes.  In this example, add a new question to your treatment note and set it as Multiple Choice - Single Answer question type, and enter a question title, and set up your check boxes. Then, under question options, check"Pin this Question to the Client's Timeline" and "For Office Use Only". Next, duplicate this question to a questionnaire form.

With these settings, the pinned note will appear as a hidden question on the client's timeline, meaning that client will not be able to see it, and it won't appear on the PDF/Printout when you share the note with the client/3rd party. However, you can still set up rules on this 'hidden' question, and the pinned note will populate the answers you checked in the treatment note.  

Please see the following example:

  1. Question is set up to include the following options:
    • Blood Test
    • Urinalysis
    • Hair Test
  2. On the treatment note, the doctor chooses Blood Test as the recommendation, then saves and locks the note. 
  3. The system pulls the question to the client's timeline, and when the questionnaire is sent to the client, this question is hidden and the client doesn't see it, but the system detects the question.
  4. A rule is applied that, If > Question > Equals > Blood Test, then show follow up question. The system displays the follow up question in this case, as the invisible question still triggers the rule which triggers questions to appear/be hidden.

Thus, a note can be set up that allows a form to be customized specifically for the client. Another example of this is that you want to perform a procedure on a client and each different type of procedure you have requires one or multiple different consent forms to be filled out and signed by the client. While you can have the client fill it out in your office, you can also set up a question in a treatment note that allows the practitioner to check off the procedure(s) to be pre-formed, save and lock the note and then send the questionnaire to the client, with rules set up to display only the specific consent forms that the client needs to read/fill out/sign. Since the office use only question is hidden, the client cannot edit what questions/forms appear, the client isn't aware that the system is using these features, and just sees that a form was sent that is fully adapted to their needs.

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