Child Growth Charting (WHO Standard)

If you're looking to chart child growth within treatment notes, IntakeQ has a question type that will allow you to do this. It charts the growth of children from 0 to 2 years, based on the World Health Organization standard. There are 2 chart types, one that tracks weight and length, and one that only tracks weight.

To add this type of question, open up any note template in the editor and select  "Add a New Question". Under Question Type click on the dropdown and select "Growth Chart".

This will add that question to your treatment note template, and give you options to add question text, set the type of chart, as well as denote if you want to use the metric system.

Once this is setup, when you add that treatment note to a client and start filling it in, you'll be able to chart a child's growth as shown below.

Note: The chart age range will start at 0-6 months, and automatically expand to 0-2 years based on the age of the baby.

Gender Selection

When you start charting and plot points on the graph, you also are given the ability to set the gender of the graph (this impacts the curve). It will default to the gender of the client you're adding the note to, but can be changed for each graph you add. This option appears directly below the "Add Row" button, but only after the first entry is charted (see the screenshot below).

Note: The male chart shows in blue, the female chart shows in pink.

If you need assistance with setting up treatment notes, see the following guide: How to Create Intake Questionnaires and/or Treatment Notes

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