Enable Superbill Storage

By default, superbills are generated "on-the-fly" based on invoices. This solution works well for a lot of our customers who need to provide their clients with superbills for services rendered, but don't need to keep track of them so closely.

Other customers prefer to have a more permanent historic record of superbills (apart from the audit trail) that they can use as a reference. For these customers, we have a setting that enables superbill storage in their account.

How to Enable Superbill Storage

The setting to enable superbill storage in your account can be found under "Lists > Invoices > Invoice Settings > Superbill".

How Superbill Storage Works

When you enable superbill storage on your account, things work a little differently.

The first difference it that you have to generate the superbill document by clicking on "Store" in the superbill dialog before you are able to print or send it.

Once the superbill document is generated, it will appear under the Invoices tab in the client profile (you may need to scroll down to see it). This allows you to return to the superbill later in case you need to send or print it again.

A nice advantage of enabling superbill storage is that the system will keep track of which invoices already have a superbill, and it will not allow you to generate multiple superbills for the same invoice.

Please note that a stored superbill cannot be edited. In case there is a mistake in the superbill that needs to be fixed, you would have to delete it and create a new one. As always, deleting a record will add an entry in the audit trail in case that information needs to be recovered.

Another thing to note is that stored superbills still rely on the underlying invoices. So you will not be able to delete an invoice that was used to generate a superbill, unless that superbill is deleted first. Moreover, changes to these invoices may impact the stored superbill. Again, these changes are tracked in the audit trail in case there is a need to perform an audit.

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