E-Signature Question Type

IntakeQ provides an e-signature question type that can be used anywhere in your intake forms and treatment notes.

Adding an e-signature to a form template.

Before we look at what you can do with the e-signature question type, it’s important to note that consent forms have their own e-signature box at the end of the document by default. The following scenarios are not applicable to the consent forms of your intake package.

Sign Your Own Treatment Notes

Adding an e-signature to a note template allows you to e-sign a treatment note. This is useful if you need to send the note to a 3rd party.

Ask for Multiple Signatures in the Same Intake Questionnaire

Before the e-signature question type was available, you could only ask for signatures on consent forms or at the end of the intake process. Now you can add multiple e-signature boxes throughout your intake form.

Sign Submitted Intake Forms

If you add an e-signature box to an intake form and mark it for "Office Use Only", you’ll be able to add your own signature to it after the form is submitted back.

How the e-signature box looks in your form.

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