Clearing Your Browser Cache

Web browsers typically store website data to improve page load times, among other more technical reasons. Sometimes this can cause issues though, with you not seeing certain system updates or adjustments we make. In these cases it can be crucial to clear your browser cache so that things work normally. A clear of your browser cache shouldn't impact much, other than forcing the browser to re-download all website page resources.

There are two main methods of clearing your browser cache:

Single Page Cache Clear

You are able to force a single page cache clear by simply performing a "hard refresh" on the page that you have loaded in your browser window. This will only re-download the assets for the website page your on, the cache will be retained for all other web pages. The key command to do this refresh is noted below:

  • On a Windows PC: Hold "Ctrl" and push "F5".
  • On a Mac: Hold "cmd ⌘" and push "R".

Full Browser Cache Clear

This is the best method to clear your browser cache as it removes it all, and will force a re-download of any assets for web pages you visit. The process to do this varies from browser to browser, below is an external article that provides instructions on how to do this depending on which browser you're using (of the main ones, including mobile browsers).

How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser:
Note: Our CSR team may sometimes ask you to do a cache clear to possible resolve an issue, in these cases we'd suggest this method to fully empty your browser cache.

An Important Note

One thing to note is that we always suggest you manually sign out of IntakeQ, then sign back into the system after a cache reset. To sign out, from inside the system navigate to "More > Sign Out". You can then log back in. This ensures all of the proper permissions and settings are being applied to the user account you're logging in as.

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