Sending Forms via SMS

IntakeQ allows you to easily send forms to your clients' phones via text messages (SMS). When a client receives a form via SMS, they will click on a link and then receive an access code, also via SMS. 

In order to send a form to a client follow the steps below:

  1. On the dashboard, click on the big orange button named "Send Form to Client".
  2. Select the appropriate form from the dropdown list.
  3. Change the delivery method to SMS (see image below).

  4. Type the client’s name and phone number, or pull an existing client from the suggested list.
  5. Optionally, you can add a note to your client. This note will be displayed above the first question of the intake form.

When a form is sent via SMS, the delivery method of that client form is set to SMS, and all following messages related to that client form (resend form, reject form, form reminders) will be sent via SMS too.

Customizing SMS Messages

There are 2 SMS messages that you can customize: the Send Form message, and the Form Reminder message. Both of these can be customized globally (for all forms), or individually, in case you want certain forms to use a different message.

The global SMS templates can be customized under "More > Settings > SMS".

In case you need to change the template for a specific form, open the form in the Form Editor, click on "... > Settings > Other Messages" and check the "Customize SMS templates for this form" box.

Mobile Forms

When using the SMS feature to send forms, it's important to make sure your forms look good on mobile devices. If a form is too long and makes use of matrix questions, it's likely not a good candidate for mobile devices. You may decide to create a shorter mobile version for the form, or always send longer forms via email/client portal.

Nevertheless, we make it easy for your clients to switch to a laptop/desktop by clicking on the "Resume on Desktop" button.

This will allow the client to receive the form link via email and complete the form from a different device.

Pricing Considerations

Another thing to consider is that extra SMS charges may apply when you go over your monthly limit. This article covers SMS pricing and limits: SMS Pricing and Limits

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