Google Analytics Integration

Note: Google Analytics 4 is now supported.

IntakeQ allows you to integrate your Booking Widget with Google Analytics so you can track user behavior and design effective marketing funnels.

How to Connect IntakeQ to Google Analytics

The first step is to log into your Google Analytics account, and open the Admin settings. Locate your "Measurement ID" by choosing your preferred account and the specific property you would want to track. Click Data Streams and find your ID under Tracking Code. Highlight the ID and copy it to your clipboard.

Adding your Measurement ID

Now head to your IntakeQ account and navigate to "More > Settings > Integrations > Google Analytics", and paste the tracking ID.

That's it! The accounts are now connected and you should start to see booking widget events reported to your Google Analytics account.

Events Fired by IntakeQ

Here's the list of events that IntakeQ will send to Google Analytics. 

Event Details
Visitor lands on page eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:  session_started
Visitor selects a location eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:  location_selected
eventLabel: The name of the location
Visitor selects a category eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:  category_selected
eventLabel: The name of the category
Visitor selects a service or package eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:  service_selected
eventLabel: The name of the service
Visitor selects a practitioner eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:  practitioner_selected
eventLabel: The name of the practitioner
Visitor selects a time eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:   time_selected
Visitor enters contact info eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:   information_provided
eventLabel:   contact_info
Visitor fills out custom fields eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:   information_provided
eventLabel:   custom_fields
Visitor adds additional client(s) eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:   information_provided
eventLabel:   additional_clients
Visitor chooses how to pay eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:    payment_type_selected
eventLabel:   online or in_person
Appointment or package booked
eventCategory: IntakeQ
eventAction:    appointment_booked
eventLabel:   The name of the service or package

Note that depending on your widget settings and the visitor's navigation flow, not all events will be fired. For example, if you don't have categories, the category_selected event is not applicable; or if you only have one practitioner, the practitioner selection step will be skipped.

Tracking Source, Medium and Campaigns

You can add UTM parameters to your booking events whether you are using the embedded widget on your website, or the standard IntakeQ booking page.

Setting UTM Parameters via URL

To track UTM parameters in your standard booking page, just add utm_source, utm_medium, and/or utm_campaign to your URL like in the following example:

Setting UTM Parameters in Embedded Widget

To track UTM parameters in a widget that was embedded in your own website, create a script tag just before your booking widget code with the following content:

	window.intakeqUtmSource = "Facebook";
	window.intakeqUtmMedium = "PPC";
	window.intakeqUtmCampaign = "Summer";
<!-- Your widget code here -->

Creating Conversions in Google Analytics

One common use of Google Analytics is tracking conversions. Creating a conversion goal will allow you to track booked appointments as conversions.

Click Here to view an article from Google plus watch a video below.

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