Creating a Single Invoice for Multiple Appointments

IntakeQ's booking system directly integrates with the invoicing system, allowing you to automatically or manually process payments for the service appointments you have with clients.

If you're managing invoices manually and want to issue a single invoice for multiple appointments, follow the steps listed below:

  1. If you have yet to create an invoice, you would navigate to the client's profile, then their "Invoices" tab where you can click "Create Invoice" to start a new invoice. If you already have an invoice created for one appointment and are looking to add more, simply open that invoice and select "Actions > Edit Invoice".
  2. Now you can add the line items to an invoice manually, which will give you the ability to add multiple appointments. If you click "Add item" to add a new invoice line item, any uninvoiced appointments will be listed in the dropdown, clicking one will add it to the invoice. The images below show this process.

  3. Once all of the appointments you want added are on the invoice, click "Save Invoice" to save the invoice draft with those appointment line items. One other thing you may want to adjust is the "Delivery Method" setting, if you are not looking to email the invoice when you issue it. Your invoice should look similar to the same below.

  4. The final step would be to go through the normal invoicing procedure of issuing the invoice and processing or tracking the payment from the client.

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