Zoom Integration

practiceQ allows you to connect to the Zoom video conferencing platform so you can schedule telehealth sessions with your clients. For more information, and to signup with Zoom, visit their website: Zoom.us

If you have a Zoom corporate account, see the end of this article or click here for a step that is required before you start the integration.

Enabling the Zoom Integration

To connect your existing Zoom account to practiceQ, login to the practitioner account you'd like to integrate with and navigate to "More > Settings > Integrations > Zoom" . Next, click on "Connect with Zoom" and you'll be redirected to Zoom where you'll be asked to enter your Zoom account details to login and approve the connection with practiceQ.

Enabling Zoom Meetings on a Service

To set a specific service as a Zoom meeting, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Services", and click "Edit" beside the service. Go to the "Advanced" tab and you'll see an option labelled "Enable Zoom Meetings", check this to enable Zoom meetings on that service.

When this box is checked, a Zoom meeting will be automatically created for every appointment of this type.

Sending Zoom Meeting Instructions

The Zoom meeting URL is automatically included in email confirmations and email reminders, but you are also able to create an additional reminder template for Zoom meetings and set it to be sent at a specific time (e.g. 20 minutes before appointment).

To create a Zoom meeting reminder, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Emails", click "Add Email" and select the "Create a Zoom Meeting Reminder template" option. You will notice that a few placeholders are available in the template, including the Zoom Join URL and the full invitation:

Manually Creating Zoom Meetings for Appointments

If you don't want practiceQ to create Zoom meetings automatically, you can disable this behavior in the Zoom Settings page and create the meetings manually via the appointment dialog. To do this for a specific appointment, open that appointments dialog screen, then select "More > Zoom Meeting".

Launching a Zoom Meeting

To launch a scheduled Zoom meeting from practiceQ, open the appointment dialog and click on the "Start Meeting" link.

Clicking on "View Details" will also allow you to delete the meeting, send an email reminder, or copy the meeting instructions to your clipboard.

Instant Zoom Meetings via the Client Portal

You can create and host a Zoom meeting via the Secure Client Portal. To create an instant meeting, open the client's chat room in the secure portal and click on "... > Host Zoom Meeting".

Disconnecting practiceQ from Zoom

To disable the integration, and deauthorize practiceQ log into your practiceQ account and navigate to More > Settings > Integrations > Zoom. Next, click on "Disconnect from Zoom".

Zoom Corporate Account

If you have a Zoom corporate account, the account admin will need to pre-approve the IntakeQ app before you start the integration. This is done by adjusting a setting in the Zoom Marketplace for the IntakeQ app as shown below.

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