Client Statements

A client statement provides a record of the balance owed by a client for a given period. practiceQ allows you to create a statement for any date interval, containing all the charges and payments for that period. You can then print, or share the statement with the client.

Please note that client statements are not used for insurance billing or reimbursement. It only tracks client invoices.

Creating a Statement

To create a statement for a client:

  1. Open a client's profile by searching for them or using "Lists > Clients".
  2. Click on the "Invoices" tab in their profile.
  3. Click on the "..." button beside "Create Invoice" and then select "Create Statement".

  4. Next you will be asked to select a date range, do so and click on "Create".

The system will create the statement and let you open it as a PDF, or send it to your client via email or the secure portal.

Note that statements are a snapshot of a moment in time. If you make changes to previous invoices after a statement has been generated, those changes are not reflected on existing statements.

Accessing Existing Statements

After a statement has been created, you can find it by going to the "Invoices" tab in the client profile and scrolling down to the "Statements" section.

Custom Statement Email Template

If you send statements to your clients via email, you can customize the email template under "Lists > Invoices > Invoice Settings > Emails > Statement Email".

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