Pre-Filling Forms Before They Are Sent

The Form Prefill feature allows your staff to pre-fill certain fields on a client form just before sending it over.  

When to Use it

The Form Prefill feature should be used when (1) the information you want to prefill varies by client and (2) you don't want to allow the client to change the information when they are filling out the form.

Please note that for a more automated way of pre-filling client forms, you can use Pinned Notes and Mapping. These two features should be used for convenience purposes, i.e. so your clients don't have to keep filling out the same information.

Preparing your Forms

The first step is to identify what information you want to prefill on a form and where they should be placed. Pre-filled fields can be placed in a questionnaire or in a consent form. 

To indicate that a questionnaire block should be pre-filled by the staff, select the question in the form editor, click on Question Options and check the Enable Staff Prefill box.  

On consent forms (both Rich Text and PDF modes), we have the option to include prefill fields to the form body. 

On Rich Text consent forms, click on the Insert Field toolbar button and select Prefill Text Box

On Native PDF consent forms, you will find a Staff Prefill field type that you can drag onto your PDF form.

Note that pre-fillable fields can also be set to required, in case you want to prevent the staff from sending a form without required information.

Pre-Filling Forms

Once your forms have been set up and you are ready to send them out to a client, just open the Send Form dialog as you are used to. IntakeQ will detect that the form you are about to send has at least one pre-fillable field and change the button text from "Send Form" to "Prefill & Send".  

When clicking on Prefill & Send, IntakeQ will let you go through all the pre-fillable fields before the form is sent.

On the client side, they will see the information that has been pre-filled while filling out the form, but they will not be able to change it.

Public URL Considerations

You should not enable prefill on any of the forms that have Public URL access enabled. If a client is filling out your forms through your website, or on your office's tablets, the prefill fields will be left empty.


Only certain questions types can have prefill enabled. Signatures, attachments, and body maps cannot be pre-filled. 

Currently, it's not possible to pre-fill a form that is sent via the appointment dialog.

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