Custom Genders

By default, IntakeQ was designed with a client profile "Gender" field with two options, "Female" and "Male". Technically this was more so meant to be the client's "birth sex", for medical reasons. We understand that we're working with different industries though, and some may want to expand on these options with other gender selections.

You can add your own custom genders to the client profile gender selection. To do this, first navigate to "Lists > Clients" and click the "Profile Settings" button in the upper-right corner. Go to the "Others" tab and scroll down to "Custom Genders". You'll see where you can add new genders, and can manage any existing custom ones you've added.

The following is what you'll see when adjusting the client gender on their profile now after adding those two new custom genders:

The one last thing you'll want to be sure you do is add the other options to any form gender questions you have as they should match, like in the example below:

Note: If you're accepting insurance, you may want to check to ensure claims can be processed with each of your payers if the standard binary gender (sex) selection is not adhered to.

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