Per-Client Appointment Summary

The IntakeQ system allows various CSV exports, one specific appointment export will allow you to see a per-client summary of appointments. This will show information such as the total amount of appointments each client has had, their last appointment date, total amount paid, etc.

This option is under "Lists > Appointments", you'd click "Export... > Per Client Summary", and choose a few additional options. The export CSV file would then download, which you can open in a program like MS Excel. Take note that the search filters do not impact the export.

The fields that are included in the output CSV file are as follows:

  • ClientId
  • ClientFirstName
  • ClientLastName
  • ClientEmail
  • ClientMobilePhone
  • ClientHomePhone
  • ClientDateOfBirth
  • TotalAppointments
  • FirstAppointmentDate
  • FirstService
  • FirstLocation
  • FirstPractitioner
  • LastAppointmentDate
  • LastService
  • LastLocation
  • LastPractitioner
  • TotalAmount
  • TotalPaidAmount

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