AthenaHealth Integration

IntakeQ offers an integration with AthenaHealth. This integration allows client demographic information to sync between the two systems, and also automatically uploads submitted intake questionnaires and consent forms to AthenaHealth. Also, IntakeQ supports creating new client profiles in AthenaHealth if there was no matches found for that client (we check if there's a match by the client's "Full Name" and "Date of Birth").

We do not support syncing treatment notes, appointments, claims, invoicing, or other features.

The following information will help you to connect with AthenaHealth (please note that there is a one-time setup fee, contact us for more details):

Step 1: Contact us for a custom quote on the setup fee for the integration. This is a one-time fee, after that you'd pay us $30 per month for the integration.

Step 2: As an AthenaHealth customer you should have your own primary contact (CSM or PM) at AthenaHealth. You will need to get in contact with that person (if you don't have their contact info, call them at 1-800-868-1792). You need to request for IntakeQ to have access to the AthenaHealth API.

AthenaHealth is then going to ask for two documents, API Proposal and API Technical specification, which are located in your patient portal within AthenaHealth. The documents mostly ask for you to fill out some basic information. There is a "technical specifications" section that we can provide the information for. You'd reach out to us via email to receive this information.

It's possible that AthenaHealth may request a meeting with one of our developers, if they do that's okay, a developer can attend (just get in touch with us to schedule this).

Step 3: After we receive the API key and things are connected, we will request the one-time setup fee be paid, then you will be integrated with AthenaHealth.

The total length of time it takes to integrate depends on AthenaHealth. Their documentation officially states that the integration can take up to 6 weeks. If you have any further questions on this, please let us know!

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