Team Messaging

Our Team Messaging feature allows you to communicate with your team in a compliant manner without leaving the IntakeQ interface you are used to.

Whether you need to make announcements to your staff, exchange messages and files with a team member, or start an instant Zoom meeting, we got you covered.  

Enabling the Team Messaging Feature

By default, Team Messaging is not enabled in your clinic account. In order to enable it, navigate to More > Settings > Features, scroll down to the Team Messaging section and click on Enable Team Messaging.
Once the feature has been enabled, you will see a new icon on your menu.

Creating Channels

To start exchanging messages with your team you need to create channels. A channel is like a chat room, and there are 2 different types of channels that can be created. 

Direct channels are used to exchange direct messages with another team member. Only the 2 team members in a direct channel have access to the messages exchanged in that chat room.

Group channels can have 2 or more people in it. Team members can be added or removed at anytime by anyone who has permission to edit group channels.

The image below shows where to click when you want to create a new direct or group channel.  

Referencing Clients in a Message

This convenient feature allows you to add a reference to a client in a message. Referencing a client will include a clickable link to that client's profile in the message. 

To reference a client in a message, simply type # and start typing the client's name or ID (see animation below). 

Instant Zoom Meetings

If you have your IntakeQ account connected with Zoom, you can start an instant Zoom meeting and let other team members in the channel join in.

To start a Zoom meeting, click on the 3 dots button under the message box and then on Host Zoom Meeting. 

Once you confirm that you want to start a meeting, the meeting's link will be posted on the channel, allowing other members to join.


Both in-app and email notifications are turned on by default; meaning that when a message is posted in a channel you belong to, you will see a popup notification inside IntakeQ, and later receive an email letting you know that there are unread messages on that channel. The email is only sent if the message is still unread after a few minutes.

You can choose to disable team messaging notifications globally or on a per-channel basis. To change notification settings for all channels, click on the 3 dots icon (top right of screen), and then on Settings.

To change notification settings for a single channel, click on the 3 dots icon (top right of screen), and then on Notifications.

There is one additional notification in the main account notifications section under "More > Settings > Notifications". It lets you receive notifications when staff members leave comments on clients.

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