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This article covers the integration between IntakeQ and Elation EHR.

Scope of the Integration

Currently, there are 2 main aspects to the integration:

  • When a patient submits an intake package via IntakeQ, the forms are automatically uploaded as PDFs to the patient chart in Elation EHR. If the patient is new to the EHR, IntakeQ can create them a profile with their basic demographics populated. Also, if it's an existing client in Elation EHR and parts of their demographics are missing, IntakeQ will populate that data too.
  • IntakeQ can automatically pull patient contact information from Elation EHR, making it easier to send them forms.
  • IntakeQ can pull primary and secondary insurance information from Elation EHR.

Enabling the Integration

1. Initiating the request

The practice can initiate a request during Elation IMPL and a member of of Elation IMPL team will reach out to IntakeQ team to start setting up the integration. You can reach the Elation team at integrations@elationhealth.com.

2. Setting up the interface

Once the practice is approved and all teams are ready to support setting up the interface, an Elation IMPL team member will securely send over the API credentials to IntakeQ team to set up

3. Taking the interface live

IntakeQ will confirm receipt of the credentials and let the practice and Elation know when the integration has gone live.

Map Practitioners

You may want to map each IntakeQ practitioner account to a provider and a location in your EHR account. This will allow IntakeQ to assign patients to the appropriate provider in case a new patient is created when a form is submitted.

In order to map the practitioners, go to https://intakeq.com/#/elationSettings.

After you map the practitioners to Elation providers, you can click on the "Save" button to update the information.

And that's it. Now, every time a patient submits a form, IntakeQ will upload it to the patient's page on Elation EHR.

IntakeQ will also start to receive patient contact information from Elation EHR and replicate them into our database, which will make it easier for you to send out new forms.

Forms Options

By default, all intake forms are uploaded to the "Intake" category in Elation EHR. You can set a category for an Intake Form on Elation, you just need to click on the "Open Form Options" button and choose a category for a form. Do not forget to click on the "Save" button to update IntakeQ.

You can also disable the sync for a specific Intake Form, you just need to check the option "Disable Sync" on the Forms Options window, and click on "Save". After that, the intake form and any patient information contained in the form will not be uploaded to Elation EHR.

Force to Sync Patient Information

You can force IntakeQ to pull all patients from Elation immediately, and sync the database from Elation to IntakeQ. You just need to click on the Pull Patients button. It could take some time for IntakeQ to finish the synchronization.

Sync Patient's Primary / Secondary Insurance Information

This article covers the integration of primary/secondary insurance information between intakeQ and Elation EHR.


The clinic must have an intake questionnaire with the primary and/or secondary insurance fields. These fields must be mapped to the insurance fields in the intakeQ client profile. Please note that some fields are required by Elation EHR, so the checkbox "Is Required" should be selected for those fields. See the table below to identify which fields are mandatory.

Field Required Profile Mapping
Date of Birth Yes Date of Birth
Primary Insurance Company Yes Primary Insurance Company
Primary Insurance Plan Yes Primary Ins. Plan
Member ID / Policy # No Primary Insurance Policy #
Group Number No Primary Insurance Group #
Client Relationship to Insured No Primary Ins. Relationship
Insured Name No Primary Insurance Holder
Insured Phone # No Primary Ins. Holder Phone
Insured Date of Birth No Primary Insurance Holder DOB
Insured Gender No Primary Ins. Holder Gender
Insured Street Address No Primary Ins. Holder Street Address
Insured City No Primary Ins. Holder City
Insured State No Primary Ins. Holder State
Zip Code No Primary Ins. Holder ZIP Code

You can see in the screenshot below how to add the questions that contain those fields to your intake questionnaire so that they are mapped to the client profile already:

To make them required, see below:

There is one additional field you nee to manually add to both primary and secondary insurance, "Primary Insurance Plan". It needs to be mapped to "Primary Ins. Plan" as shown below:

Note that you can adjust the field widths to have the fields display as you'd prefer on the form.

Enabling the Integration

  1. Navigate to "More > Settings > Integrations > Elation Health Integration" (https://intakeq.com/#/elationSettings), and select the option "Allow IntakeQ to sync patient insurance information in the EHR", and click on the "Save" button. See below:

intakeQ will sync the Insurance Carriers from Elation to intakeQ. The intake form will show a dropdown that will list all insurance carriers from Elation. See below:

Elation Insurance Carriers:

intakeQ Form - Insurance Company dropdown list:

The client must select a carrier from Elation EHR, and type in an insurance plan. If the insurance plan does not exist in Elation, intakeQ will create a new insurance plan in Elation EHR.

Please reach out to help@intake.com for assistance!

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