How to Use the Questions Library

If you need help coming up with questions to use on your intake questionnaires or treatment notes, our extensive "Questions Library" might come in handy.

  1. Navigate to "My Forms" and open the intake questionnaire or treatment note form that you’d like to add questions to. Alternatively, click on "+ Create New" to create a new form.
  2. To access the questions library click on "More > Questions Library".
  3. Here you select a category, and then can choose the questions that you'd like to import into your form.
  4. To add the questions to your form, check the box in the top right corner of the questions you want, then click "Import Questions".

  5. Now click on the blue button “Import Questions”:

All selected questions will be added to your existing form, you can now rearrange the questions or add more questions to the newly created form by clicking on the green button (top right) that says "+ Add New Question".

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