Adding a Form to the Booking Process

You may want to confirm a scheduled appointment when a client has submitted an intake form, you're able to force this on a specific service and include the form as part of the booking process.

This is all set in your booking settings, which the account admin has access to under "Bookings > Booking Settings".

Setting the Form on the Service

The first thing you'd want to do is set which form is required to be completed before the appointment will be confirmed. Navigate to your service list and click "Edit" beside one to open it's settings. Under the "Form" tab of the service you'll be able to select which form that needs to be completed by the client, and also if it should send to all clients even if they have filled it out before.

Setting the Appointment Confirmation Method

Next you'll need to navigate to the "Overrides" tab of the service settings to adjust the confirmation method to force the form to be required as part of the booking checkout process. You'll see a setting labelled "Appointment Confirmation", change the dropdown to "Confirm when intake for is submitted". This will make it so that the appointment will be booked but not confirmed until the client has submitted their intake form, and it adds the form to the end of the booking process as well. Take note that this still does block time on your calendar to ensure you cannot be double booked.

What Your Client Will See

At the very end of the booking process, your client is notified that their appointment is pending confirmation upon submission of the intake form that was sent to them, and it displays a button to access the form. The client will need to retrieve the form access code from their email to complete it, or they can choose to complete it later on as well from the email they were sent.

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