Appointment Check-in

The check-in feature allows your clients to self check-in for their appointments. It also allows your staff to manage appointments' check-in status directly in the calendar.

As you can see in the screenshot above, aside from check-in, it also allows a client to complete a form that was sent with the appointment if it hasn't been completed yet.

When the check-in module is enabled, a new URL becomes available to your clients (e.g. This URL can be shared with your clients via appointment reminders or scheduled SMS messages that are sent prior to the appointment time.

You can also print a check-in flyer with a QR code and use it in your office to allow clients to check-in using their mobile devices.

Enabling the Check-in Module

To enable the check-in module, navigate to "More > Settings > Features" and scroll down to "Check-in Module" and click on "Enable Check-in Module".

Note that the check-in module is not available in the Forms-Only plan.

Printing your Check-in Flyer

The most common way to use the check-in feature is to have your clients check in as they arrive at your office. Printing check-in flyers and placing them in your waiting area is a great way to instruct your clients to self-check in.

To print your Check-in Flyer, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Settings", scroll down to the "Check-in Settings" section and click on "Print Check-in Flyer".

Creating a Check-in Invitation

Sending a check-in invitation to the client's mobile phone is another great way to facilitate self-check-in. 

To create a check-in invitation we need to create a scheduled SMS message that is sent just before the appointment time. To make this easy, we have added a shortcut that creates a standard check-in scheduled message. To create a standard check-in message, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Settings", scroll down to the "Check-in Settings" section and click on "Click here to create a standard check-in invitation message".

This shortcut will open a dialog populated with typical parameters used for a check-in message. You can then customize it to your needs.

Manually Checking in a Client

Some practices may prefer to have the front desk staff control the check-in status of clients. Checking in a client is as simple as opening the appointment dialog in the calendar and clicking on the Check-in button.

Tracking Check-in Status

There are multiple ways to track appointments' check-in status. Appointments whose clients have checked in will display an icon of a person with a check mark (see image below). 

When opening the appointment dialog, you will also see a "checked in" green label. When hovering over the label you can see the check in time.

The Appointment List page also makes it easy for you to see which clients have checked in by displaying the check-in icon. You can even filter appointments by their check-in status using the Status filter.


Some users may want to be notified when a client checks in for their appointment, or when the front desk staff performs the check-in on their behalf. You can manage your notification preferences under "More > Settings > Notifications".

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