Bulk Claim Creation

To save time, practiceQ allows you to create claims in bulk instead of doing them one at a time. You are able to create claims in bulk for any appointments that don't already have a claim created.

Client Billing Type

The first thing you need to do to ensure bulk claim creation functions properly is to set each client paying by insurance to that setting on their profile. Load up a client's profile and on the "Overview" tab you'll see a setting labelled "Billing Type". Edit the profile and set that to "Insurance", then save the profile. The system will now let you create bulk claims for that client.

This setting allows you to charge copays as well, the following article explains more on this: How to Process/Record a Copayment

Setting Client Type via a Form Rule

You can have the client's billing type set when they submit a form, that way you don't need to manually adjust it for all new clients.

To do this, in your form you'd want to have a multiple choice question that asks the client if they have insurance or not. You'd then set a rule (Conditional Questions and Skip Logic / Rules) on that question where if they select "Yes" it'd change their Billing Type to "Insurance". See my screenshot below of what the rule would look like:

Creating Claims in Bulk 

To get started with the process of bulk claim creation, when signed in to your account navigate to "Lists > Claims" and you'll see a "Create Claims" button as shown below.

You'll be presented with the following screen, with search filters so you can narrow down which claims you want to include in the batch:

The next step would be to select which appointments you want to generate claims for, do this by checking the boxes in the left column of the claim list. Once they are selected, click the blue "Create Claims" button on the right side above the list. The system will then generate the claims, combining any for the same clients into a single claim. You'll then be asked if you'd like to validate the claims, which is typically part of the process as you want to ensure all of the necessary information is included before submitting it to the clearinghouse/payer. 

You can choose to validate the claims or not, though if you don't validate them it's assumed you're not looking to submit them at this time.

When validating the claims, if there is an issue the system will note it and keep the claim as a "draft", which allows you to open the claim to make the necessary adjustments depending on what is missing or incorrect.

Once the claims have been validated, you can choose to perform bulk actions on those newly created claims directly on the screen you're presented with. The bulk actions include submitting the claims, which is typically what most would be looking to do at this point. Simply check the boxes in the left column (all would be selected by default) and click the blue "Bulk Actions" button, then select the action you'd like to perform.

That should be it, the claims will now go to the clearinghouse and payer, assuming everything else was setup properly for the claims functionality to work. See the related articles below if more help is needed setting things up in our system for claims submission to work properly.

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