practiceQ Payments - Card Terminals

practiceQ Payments - QD2 Terminal

practiceQ payments now offers terminal support via the Deja-Vu QD4 or QD2 terminal. 

The terminal transaction processing rates are the same as you pay processing though the IntakeQ software.

Product Features:

  • Android OS
  • Wi-Fi + Ethernet + USB
  • 5.5” LCD Touch Screen
  • EMV/NFC+MSR Enabled
  • Built-in Scanner/Camera
  • Integrated Thermal Printer
  • 50ft Paper Roll

If you would like to order a terminal, please visit this link and fill out the form.
A representative will contact you shortly thereafter.

Terminal Set-Up:

Click here to view a Quick Start Guide for the terminal

1. Unpack your terminal and power on via the side button.

2. Once initialized, you will want to connect to your WIFI for WIFI devices or your ethernet cord for corded devices. Click "Settings > WLAN > Vertical Ellipsis > Add Network". Choose your WIFI name and enter the password. 

3. Next, use the back arrow at the bottom on the device to go back to the "Settings" page, then tap the "Update Now" button. This will ensure you have the latest software version. 

4. Now, go to the main menu by tapping the circle button on the bottom of the device's screen. You will then want to tap the green "AURA" icon. This will open the POS app on the device.

Enabling the POS Terminal in practiceQ

Once you have your terminal connected to the WIFI, you will need to enable a setting in practiceQ to turn on an invoice search screen. Go to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Payments" and enable the "Display Point of Sale icon on desktop". If you use a mobile device such as your phone, you can enable it on the mobile view as well. 

Click "Save" at the bottom to save these settings. 

Taking a Payment

Once the icon is enabled, you can click it to go to a page where you can search and take payments on invoices.

  1. Make sure you see your device in the dropdown on the top right of the screen and there is a green dot. This means your device is connected. 
  2. Search for the client via the search field.
  3. Choose the invoice you would like to make the transaction on.
  4. Note: You can also create a new invoice from here by clicking the button at the bottom of the list.
  5. The amount will display in the popup. You can adjust the amount here if needed.
  6. Click "Send to terminal". This will send the amount to the terminal. After a few seconds, the terminal will receive the amount, you will see the amount on the devices screen. 
  7. The client should now slide/insert/tap the card or phone to make the payment. To insert for a chip card, the opening is on the side of the device.
  8. Once payment is complete, you will see the paid invoice in the "Recent Payments" list and the payment will show on the invoice.

Once payment has been completed, you will get a notification and an entry will display in the "Recent Payments" section of the page:

The payment will show on the receipt:

Create a new invoice by clicking the "Create New Invoice" button at the bottom of the list:

Create a new invoice on the fly!:

You can see the transaction details by clicking the "details" link:

Taking a Payment from the Invoice

Go to a "Client Profile > Invoice" tab or "Lists > Invoices". Choose the invoice you want to take a payment on.

  1. Click the "Enter Payment" screen
  2. From there you have the option to choose to run a saved card or bank account OR send the charge to the terminal for a card-present transaction

Click "Enter Payment":  Choose "Terminal":

Enter the amount and send to terminal making sure the green dot is showing in the device dropdown:

Issuing a Refund

To issue a refund on a terminal sale, make sure the device that ran the transaction is turned on, is connected to WIFI and is on the POS app screen. This is necessary to issue the refund. 

  1. Go to the invoice with the payment that you want to refund.
  2. Click the grey "Refund" link next to the payment you want to refund.
  3. From there, select whether to refund the entire amount or a partial amount.

Select whether to refund all or a partial amount.

Refund partial amount by entering the amount.


Tipping can be enabled on your terminal. In order for this to work, we would need to update some things on our end and have you update your device. 

If you would like tipping, please email Tyson here

You can also have some default amounts that would display on the screen. Let us know what three you would like in your email.

Turning On/Off Receipt Printing

1. Go to the Aura App
2. Press the ≡ (if it prompts for a password use 1234)
3. Select Applications
4. Select Credt/Debit/EBT
5. Select Setup
6. Select Print Option

From here you can change the number of customer, merchant, and reports they want printed. If none is selected no receipts will be printed.

Enabling WiFi

1. Navigate to the home screen and select settings
2. Press Utility (if it prompts for a manager password use 1234)
3. Press Communications
4. Press Local Parms
5. Select Wifi/Ethernet
6. Select Settings
7. Select desired network
8. Input password and hit connect

Payment Batching

If you don't keep your terminal on it is not able to auto-batch daily. You have the option to manually batch out on the terminal itself, follow the instructions below:

1. Click the Star on the bottom of the screen to open the favorites menu.
2. Password is 1234.
3. Click settle daily batch.

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