practiceQ Dashboard

The practiceQ Dashboard is meant to provide a single starting place for all daily workflows for practitioners. The dashboard is fully customizable, meaning each staff member can choose what widgets they want to see and how they want to see them

Here are a few things to note:

  • Each user has the ability to manage their own dashboard
  • Admin-Only accounts will not have this dashboard view yet but it's coming soon
  • Existing role permissions will apply to the dashboard library so users will be limited to what they already have access to seeing 
  • You can set this to be the page that shows upon login under More > Settings > Settings

Setting Up Your Dashboard

We have made the dashboard flexible and customizable enough so it displays the info you want to see, where you want to see it.

  • You can add widgets to your dashboard by clicking the "Edit Dashboard" button on the top right of the screen
  • When in Edit mode you can move and resize widgets to fit your screen size
    • The grey boxes show you the grid structure and may help with alignment and sizing/placement
    • Pro tip: Zoom out on the screen (Command or Control + -/+) while editing to have more space to rearrange widgets
    • You can always go back to the default view by clicking 'Reset to Default' under the gear menu
  • The dashboard is designed to give you enough space to view your information, but doesn’t currently auto-adjust to your screen size. However, you can easily fit the visible widgets to the screen width with the ‘Fit to Screen’ option
    • Note: This will align each width to the same width and height so will remove any custom layout you may have.
  • Once you are happy with the layout, click the green 'Save Layout' button to save your dashboard


Dashboard on Mobile

  • On your mobile device, the widgets will go to a responsive one-column view
  • You cannot edit the dashboard on the one column view

Dashboard Widget Refreshing

  • Dashboard widgets refresh every 5 minutes but you can manually refresh sooner under the gear icon for each widget

pQ Base Widgets

These dashboard widgets give "at-a-glance" insight into the many existing tools we have to aid in your workflows. This will save you time by having a single place to find the information you need to get started!

Upcoming Appointments

This widget allows you to keep up with the confirmation and form status of upcoming appointments.

Latest Completed Forms

Keep up to date on the status of forms that have been sent to clients. 

Pending Forms

Make sure outstanding forms get completed with this pending forms widget.

Latest Account Events

Keep an eye on all the activity in your practice!

Recent Clients

Get easy access to recently active clients.

Unlocked Appointment Notes

This widget lists all appointment notes that are still unlocked. This will help you find loose ends that need to be tied up so you can complete the appointment and submit claims.

Inactive Clients

Reach out to inactive clients to make sure they continue thier care. This list of inactive clients have had no activity recently in the selected time frame. You can adjust this time from to 1-12 weeks.

Pending Invoices

Make sure you don't lose track of any unpaid or past due invoices with this widget in view.

Relevant Tasks

This widget gives you a quick view into both your tasks and all tasks so you make sure your items are taken care of.

Recent Portal Messages

View portal messages right from the dashboard! You can even handle file attachments and create tasks from each portal message.

Quick Notes

This widget will allow you to jot down some quick notes. These notes are only saved in this widget on the users dashboard and cannot be accessed in other places in the application.

Note: The Quick Notes are saved to the logged in user so the only way for other staff to see your Quick Notes would be for them to physically log in as you. If you use the switcher, switching will not display the notes of the practitioner being switched to.

Tip: For an Admin-Only account, if they go to a practitioner dashboard and add a Quick Notes widget, they can make notes there that only they would be able to see.

ePrescribe Queue

There is a dashboard widget practitioners can add to their dashboard that will display the queued up medications for the practitioner. 

  1. Go to the dashboard and click the "Edit Dashboard" button in the top right.
  2. Click "Dashboard Library"
  3. Choose the "ePrescribe Queue" widget and then the "X" in the top right
  4. Position the widget where you want it and then you can approve or deny the medications on your queue right from your dashboard!

Clinical Reporting Widgets

These reporting widgets give you insight into your booked services and gives insight into trends and patterns for how your clients book appointments. Note: If you are a large practice with alot of data, it could take some time to load these widgets.

Total Appointments by Service

This widget shows the breakdown of services booked by week or month so you can keep track on how they are performing compared to each other.

Total Time Booked by Week or Month

This widget shows the total available time compared to what's currently booked.

Appointment Count by Week or Month

The Appointment Count by Week or Month widget will show you the number of appointments completed in the current week or month compared to the number of appointments completed in the previous week or month.

Client Visit Heatmap

The "Visit Heatmap" will give you a glimpse at the practitioner or practice's busiest and least busy times. The more appointments during the time period, the darker the blue will be. This will help you see trends and patterns over time and may help you adjust your schedule to those trends.

Feel free to submit new widget requests from inside pQ in the 'More' menu > 'Request Feature'.

Please reach out to if you have questions or issues.

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